Product Categories

Shave Soap

Our shave cream soap nourishes the neck and face minimizes painful bumps and rashes that occur during daily shaving.  All natural ingredients and essential oils are used. The shave cream is designed to be used with a badger hair brush which is included in your purchase.  Ladies this product is great on your legs! 

Lotions & Scrubs

Our Body Butter is our secret recipe which is a balance of essential oils and natural ingredients. It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.  Body Butter can be used on face, body and even hair!  Buddha Bath Body Butter comes in a light Meyer lemon scent which is both relaxing and refreshing. 

Our Sugar Scrub is an excellent exfoliant, moisturizer & cleanser as it’s gentle on skin and rich in organic oils. The scrub also contains our natural liquid soap. It can be used on hands, face and body.